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EduGo is an Edtech company focused on providing in-person and e-learning services that are high quality, hands-on and innovative learning experience by leveraging the power of technology and advancements in education.

An open learning space where students have access to professional learning coaches that support independent and collaborative learning. In addition, the center is equipped with physical and e-learning books, access to computers and internet, laboratory equipment and more.


A private tutoring service where well trained and professional tutors are hired to tutor students of various levels.

Teacher Training

A teacher/tutor training centre where teachers and education institutions get trained in delivering quality, innovative and highly effective teaching and learning for their students.

E-learning Resources

A holistic e-learning package, with quality video instruction complemented by Independent Learning Guides specifically focused on equipping students preparing for the WASSCE.

Are you ready to learn? Check out my teaching videos to get started!

Alusine Barrie (Founder)

Hands-on, practical experience, we are ready to take you where you need to be!

Janice Williams (Founder)


EduGo is an Education Tech Start Up with the aim of making high quality, personalized and affordable education services accessible to everyone.

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